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The project

Music is an essential artistic expression for the development of the human thought. In particular, the opera has been always linked with history, literature and art. For this reason, the multimedial collection Vox Imago has got the main purpose to divulge drama’s culture.

The education project was born for teachers for the same reason. Realized with the support of Intesa Sanpaolo, the education project has got the main purpose to approach students to the opera’s world.

Throughout some meetings, prof. Carlo Delfrati illustrates to the teachers how use the didactic guide of Vox Imago, that is an efficient support to create new interdisciplinary paths for explaining the complexity, the beauty and the modernity of the opera to the students.

Theachers can have free access to the meetings after registration.
Each participant will receive a certificate of participation and a free copy of the music-publishing project of the year.

This year we have chosen Nabucco, the opera that established Giuseppe Verdi on the international theatrical scene.
Seminars took place in the cities of Turin, Milan, Naples, Florence, Vicenza and Palermo between January 30th and April 22nd.